#1 Busy Summer Holiday Started!

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Ahh, Summer Holiday Started, It seems to a busy Summer Holiday EVER!

Here's the Plan!

Extra Classes

Maybe you know that I had finished my Junior 2 Study Life! So here's Junior 3 Coming! Not looking forward  to having Junior 3 time, at ALL! The study will be more and more BUSY! Ugh! There will be one big exam per month called Month Exams. And also, chemistry is coming ,too. But no chemistry class in my Extra Classes! Just physics & Maths, Fortunately.  :>

So Math Class & physics Class Started!

Bangumi Plan!

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Hu, Heavy Pressure but fun Plan! This is it! Beg it won't be so boring in my Holiday time.

and...... Hope my holiday is filled with study pressure but fun!



Nothing Here!

But here is a Photo of the Physics Class work! #1 Busy Summer Holiday Started!

& Last but not least!

I bought A lot of things

Photo here!

#1 Busy Summer Holiday Started!

Hehe, Only a bit hot when i use it. No other problems



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