#8 Eating Fun!

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As a senior foodie (incorrect[aru_2]), A wonderful attraction must have attractive food! Otherwise, it will not be my thing, I will go away.

So about last time, I travel in the LDP, Oh you must forget about it.

#5 LiDui Park Trip 1. 4个月前 (08-01) 0 #5 LiDui Park Trip 1.

So this is an article about the foods in LiDui Park (To be honest, not in the Park, but near the Park). What about it. Let's Just See.

(OP Begin)

Well, I didn't have any money with me, so this is just a part of the food that nearby it.

First Station!


#8 Eating Fun!

(Don't ask me about the quality!)

Almost Every time I go out & play, I will go to this small restaurant. I just love the taste of the food in it!

Well, the characteristic of this restaurant is the 'Fat sausage Vermicelli' (Better translation?)

Second station!

the most popular food in Sichuan is what? The answer - 'string of incense' (Better translation?). Also, this kind of thing is popular in DJY. There are so many shops that sell this kind of thing. But I only choose one of them. That is!

#8 Eating Fun!

Why? Because last Spring Festival, I went to this shop.

#8 Eating Fun!

I thought it was very delicious and a bit spicy! Yes, it's my kind of thing!

And the most attractive thing for me to ate it is the price! It's very cheap, isn't it?

Last one!

For every people in Chengdu and every tourist to Chengdu, This must be an important place to go and eat!

#8 Eating Fun!

YES! It seems that this shop also sells 'string of incense' (Better Translation?). But It's famous for Its chicken. Emm, A smile from a poor man.[aru_4]

#8 Eating Fun!

But It's really yummy. Even better than the second one!


Well, food is an important part of a trip. Taste the flavor of the food. Also the flavor of the trip......

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