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#8 Eating Fun!
2019-08-08 |0 条评论
As a senior foodie (incorrect[aru_2]), A wonderful attraction must have attractive food! Otherwis...
#5 LiDui Park Trip 1.
2019-08-01 |0 条评论
OF COURSE,Still in DJY.But I just realized that I can't find the proper way to travel all the att...
为<三体> 动画 打 Call
2019-07-31 |0 条评论
没错,三体要动画化了,这个大IP之前说好的电影化好像最近没有声响了,然后就是动画化,Bilibili&艺画天开 将推出 动画化 三体,已经提前追番!天啊,我的天啊,短片好看到爆炸,htt...
English Work
2019-07-23 |0 条评论
OverviewTo be honest, I have lived in this city since 2004, when I was born, and never go as far ...
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